They don't know I was homeless and rekt'd in this video.

Private Room music video 1/1 is significant to music NFT history because it's a living reflection of my unique experience as an artist in the crypto space.

This video was shot shortly after I was rekt of over 8 bitcoins and forced homeless. Practically everything I've earned was gone. With nothing left to lose, I picked myself back up and started making music again. I accepted the L and took on web3 with vengeance. Can you tell in the video that I was going through the hardest time of my life?

A friend suggested I record myself to capture my most honest performance, just me being my playful clickbait self. Seker produced additional shots and Jamee added their delicious edits. And that's how Private Room was born, a documentary of resilience in true degen spirit.

Video: YUNICE, @SekerFactory @ZachGinnever @JameeCornelia

Music: YUNICE, Tristan Boston

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