Chasing Magic

An anthem for the perma-singles who prefers to be free over being caught in the illusion of love.

“Chasing Magic” combines Jersey house and hyperpop energy in a brutally honest song about resisting the addictions of love in exchange for carefree existence. This is a sentiment that many from the web3 digital nomadic lifestyle can relate to. To match this visually, YUNICE and TOKYOLUV roamed the vibrant alleyways and rooftop of metropolitan Japan to capture the same sense of adventure for this collaboration.

About the Collab
A first of its kind, “Chasing Magic” is a song + animated art collectible that brings together the intoxicating melodies of Music3 artist YUNICE, and a dreamy cover artwork made by visual artist TOKYOLUV (Foundation, SuperRare). This music + art collaboration drop will be revealed as a 111-edition drop on Sound.xyz on January 8, 10 AM PST.

+ Collectors will receive an airdrop of the Chasing Magic ~mystery remix~ once the drop is sold out.
+ Earn a Curator Reward for primary mints generated directly through your referral links through Sound.
+ A special apparel merch with stunning AR capabilities will be available on YUNICE.XYZ

This will also be a submission piece to the “We <3 the Art” Contest held by Optimism.io.

Sign up for drop notification on: https://laylo.com/yunice/oS7F4

YUNICE is an alt-pop singer, artist, and community personality in web3. She pairs layers of haunting vocals with distinct electronic waves. Since releasing music onchain in November 2022, she has released 14 songs on various NFT platforms including Sound.xyz and Gala Music, honing in 1752 mints and 1313 collectors. She has performed during VeeCon, NFTLA, NFTNYC, SXSW, Miami Art Basel, paneled in DCentral Tokyo, and serves as advisor and brand ambassador for distinguished web3 projects.

TOKYOLUV is a visual artist and street photographer who crafts lush, cyberpunk-inspired shots of cities. For over a decade, his photos have been enjoyed by millions across the world with his pieces perfectly capturing the neon look of a bustling city at night. He loves capturing the perfect moment and bringing viewers to an alternate reality through his timeless photos.

Twitter / IG @TOKYOLUV

For media inquiry, please contact
Tiffany Ou: tiffany.t.ou@gmail.com
or Twitter: @yunicemusic